How we can help

insight |ˈɪnsʌɪt|   noun [ mass noun ]   the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something

The Insight Fountain creates appealing and impactful outputs, such as presentations, reports, chicago fountain3brochures.  We’ll wade through multi source information and data to find the story and ensure it is visually interesting (using charts, graphs, visuals), readable and suitable for the intended audience.

We provide top up resource when the pressure is on, bespoke analysis and outputs, finessing reports and presentations as well as confidently managing  complete research projects. We can help whether you are a research agency, an independent consultant, a media or PR company, a client with or without a Insight function or anyone who wants their information and data to look good.

Services include:
– Project management
– Data analysis, interpretation and visualisation
– Data consolidation
– Visually appealing research summaries and brochures
– Report and presentation design and writing
– Proposal writing, responding to RFQs and creating pitch material
– Desk research
– Research strategy planning and project design
– Questionnaire design (online, telephone & face to face)
– Online moderation

impact on |ɪmˈpakt| verb [ no obj. ]    have a strong effect on someone or something