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Becky Lewis - The Insight Fountain Freelance Market Research Consultant - Analysis and Insight My mission is to analyse and present data in a meaningful, useful yet beautiful way. I have extensive research experience in agencies and client side (Full Member of the MRS). A creative Insight Consultant keen to immerse myself in data interrogation to discover meaningful insights; and deliver in an individually crafted format that ensures impact. My expertise spans: - data analysis, interpretation and visualisation - data consolidation - visually appealing research summaries and brochures - report and presentation design and writing - desk research - research strategy planning and project design - questionnaire design (online, telephone & face to face)


An inspiring, revolutionary, call to action.. was my plan for today’s blog for #internationalwomensday. However, I’ve been struck with the lurgy all week and just getting out of bed has been enough of a challenge.

So instead i’ll post a video from #PressforProgress:


My son said to me last week that a girl was picking on him and telling him “girls are better than boys”. My reply to him was “of course they are”. Which he got very upset about and pointed out to me that girls and boys are equal. In the early years of primary school they are and then…. Lets hope his generation go on believing and proving they are equal – at work, in sport, in relationships, in the UK and across the World.

A couple of blogs that have appealed to me today:

The sherpa:

And a big shout out to an amazing women – Teresa Hadfield @Tiptopinterest who stood in for me yesterday at Insight

And to my mum who always allowed me to be who i wanted to be and achieve anything i wanted to – and who has been getting the word out to Pirton to VOTE today 😉

Lastly i’ll leave you with Hurrah for Gin who usually get my mood spot on..



Getting back to grassroots with Neighbourhood Planning at Insight 7th March

I will be joining fellow ICGers on ethical Showcase Stage on Wednesday 7th March at the Insight Show to talk about the rise of micro-businesses and how they’ve contributed to market insights and business growth.



Meet the speakers:

Pirton Neighbourhood Plan has passed the examination and awaits Referendum

Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2031 has passed the examination and the referendum will be happening shortly!

The Neighbourhood Plan – Passed Through NHDC Cabinet 23rd March 2018.

As reported by the Steering Committee, “At the NHDC Cabinet Meeting, following some very complementary remarks about what good news it is, how much work had gone into it and the level of communication and consultation involved, the Cabinet voted unanimously for the Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan to go to referendum in March.”  

The Referendum on the Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2031 will be held on Thursday 8 March, in Pirton’s Village Hall between 7am and 10pm.

For more details including the Resident Survey conducted by The Insight Fountain see:

The plan can be accessed on the North Herts website:

Local newspaper report:

Freelancing working mum

I’m sat here at 10.30 at night doing a bit of desk research for a report I’m due to write… on issues faced by freelancers and small business owners working erratic and non standard hours…

I’m reading an interesting report published by IPSE / Kingston University and am delighted that I am one of these people in this graphic..

I have found over the four years of freelancing that i have built up an amazing network of other freelancing / small business mums..

Currently i have two jobs for freelancing mums and am working on proposals with two more..

I wonder if this rise suggests that employers are not doing enough to allow for flexible working around primary age kids..

Or whether we all just love working at night..

Great results for Research Academy students in their MRS Advance Certificate

Exciting week for me in my role as a tutor for The Research Academy. I met the new Autumn 2017 MRS Advance Certificate students at the beginning of the week and we had a good session about proposals and getting them started on their course work.

And the week has been rounded off by finding out the results for the Spring 2017 MRS Advance Certificate students. A pass rate on the exam of 84% which is above average and included 9 students who got Merits. 3 students got Merits for their course work. logo-ra

Feeling very proud to be helping the next generation of researchers get an excellent grounding in research methods and practice and I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

At my desk and ready to help!

The kids are back in school, a project I’d been intending to work on in September / November has been pushed back to January, I did no business development over the summer as I went to America to see The Eclipse and so I’ve got capacity, no pipeline and am looking for projects…

If you have anything I can help you with – or know of anyone looking for resource – such as pitches & planning projects, desk research, managing primary research projects, questionnaire writing, depth interview, online moderation, analysis or reporting then please get in touch..IMG_6663

International Woman’s Day

Kathy Calvin quotebecause i AM a girl.. and because this girl can..

I’ve had a great start to 2017 which some interesting projects, great clients and an exciting non-work project on the go. I feel privileged to have had a supportive family my whole life who ensured i had a great education, an interesting career and encouraged me to go it alone 4 years ago and set up The Insight Fountain.

But not all girls around the work have equal access to education, human rights and even in the UK there is gender inequality in pay, domestic violence and poverty that disproportionately effects women and their children.

What can you do today to reduce that inequality?

What can you do today to be an inspiring female role model?

Quote taken from:


Running 100km this summer to raise money for ALZHEIMER’S RESEARCH UK

Having seen the effects of dementia on friends and family, I want to do something to help raise funds for research. I’m trying to run 100km this summer. Not all in one go but a bit each week. Because there isn’t going to be a cure over night – it will take time. And because for people living with dementia there isn’t a quick fix. They and their families live with it week in week out. So I’ll keep running week in week out until I hit my fundraising goal..