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Becky Lewis - The Insight Fountain Freelance Market Research Consultant - Analysis and Insight My mission is to analyse and present data in a meaningful, useful yet beautiful way. I have extensive research experience in agencies and client side (Full Member of the MRS). A creative Insight Consultant keen to immerse myself in data interrogation to discover meaningful insights; and deliver in an individually crafted format that ensures impact. My expertise spans: - data analysis, interpretation and visualisation - data consolidation - visually appealing research summaries and brochures - report and presentation design and writing - desk research - research strategy planning and project design - questionnaire design (online, telephone & face to face)


very active minutesI love my fitbit. I love that my scales connect to the wifi. I love being sent a text to tell me I am at a new all time low weight! I love that I can just run and then get home and look at my distance, time and splits.

I love the new Apple advert about wearables. But I have been thinking there must be some interesting stories out there about how wearables are bing used for purposes other than intended… when I get 10 minutes I will be investigating….


A great first year as my own boss.

  • I’ve seen some lovely fountains
  • Written several reports
  • Made over 200 pretty charts & diagrams
  • Looked at over 1000 verbatim comments
  • Collaborated with some great people
  • Worked with children .. but not animals
  • Reconnected with collegues from *quite* a while ago (and friends from school so it really was the year for it)

My twitter review of the year:


The Tube map

London Underground is 150 years old this year. I really enjoyed the documentary on BBC2 last week, and it reminded me of one of my favourite visualisations; The London Underground Map.

The map was designed by Harry Beck, an English engineering draftsman in 1931. Beck drew up the diagram in his spare time while working as an engineering draftsman at the London Underground Signals Office. Beck based the map on the circuit diagrams he drew for his day job, stripping the sprawling Tube network down to basics. London Underground was initially sceptical of Beck’s radical proposal but it proved popular. It is a clear and comprehensible chart that would become an essential guide to London – and a template for transport maps the world over. Beck’s revolutionary design, with certain modifications and additions, survives to the present day and is set to serve London Underground and its millions of customers for many years to come.



This is what was being tweeted at lunchtime today…..

Wordle: #thatcherfunneral

Collected from searchhash for #thatcherfuneral at 12.8-12.27 on 17th April 2013.
1394 tweets, including retweets.

common retweets during this time were (5 or more):
RT @Charles_HRH: Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Over 18’s only. No miners. #thatcherfuneral

RT @copwatcher: BBC claims “no protests” at #ThatcherFuneral – this pic by @jesshurdphoto proves otherwise

RT @camillalong: I think we may have just paid 10m quid to watch George Osborne cry. Correct me if I’m wrong #thatcherfuneral

RT @ChaiTeaPlease: The funeral you are watching is costing £926 a second. #thatcherfuneral

RT @1970RobD: Anyone else spot the similarity between the Krays/this pair today? #Thatcherfuneral @WillBlackWriter @HuffPostUKCom

RT @fleetstreetfox: Anyway, while everyone was looking at #thatcherfuneral no-one was looking at new unemployment figures:

RT @BigJohnTerry: Would it still be banter if I turned up at the #thatcherfuneral in my Chelsea kit?

RT @Channel4News: George Osborne’s tears at the #thatcherfuneral #c4news

RT @davidschneider: Osborne sheds a tear for the poor and vulnerable. Maybe #thatcherfuneral (via @reasonablyright @ollybarratt)

RT @PAPictureDesk: Big screen in Liverpool is turned off for the Baroness Thatcher funeral #thatcherfuneral

RT @paulchowdhry: Justin Bieber just paid his tributes at the #thatcherfuneral and said she would have been a Beleiber.

RT @SeanMurricane: It’s all kicking off in Millenium Square #Leeds #thatcherfuneral (via @IanWhiteNews)

RT @simonswatman David Cameron, straining during his reading. #thatcherfuneral

RT @timbird84: Margaret Thatcher’s funeral: 23 things you could pay for with £10m #thatcherfuneral

RT @Unnamedinsider: George Osborne’s moment of grief… #thatcherfuneral

RT @skymarkwhite: All very well behaved today at #ThatcherFuneral – Met police confirming no arrests. The small protest near St Paul’s has now dispersed

oh and this one:
RT @Jess_Holmes08: No matter what your political views are, a funeral is not a place to protest. #thatcherfuneral #britain