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This is what was being tweeted at lunchtime today…..

Wordle: #thatcherfunneral

Collected from searchhash for #thatcherfuneral at 12.8-12.27 on 17th April 2013.
1394 tweets, including retweets.

common retweets during this time were (5 or more):
RT @Charles_HRH: Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Over 18’s only. No miners. #thatcherfuneral

RT @copwatcher: BBC claims “no protests” at #ThatcherFuneral – this pic by @jesshurdphoto proves otherwise

RT @camillalong: I think we may have just paid 10m quid to watch George Osborne cry. Correct me if I’m wrong #thatcherfuneral

RT @ChaiTeaPlease: The funeral you are watching is costing £926 a second. #thatcherfuneral

RT @1970RobD: Anyone else spot the similarity between the Krays/this pair today? #Thatcherfuneral @WillBlackWriter @HuffPostUKCom

RT @fleetstreetfox: Anyway, while everyone was looking at #thatcherfuneral no-one was looking at new unemployment figures:

RT @BigJohnTerry: Would it still be banter if I turned up at the #thatcherfuneral in my Chelsea kit?

RT @Channel4News: George Osborne’s tears at the #thatcherfuneral #c4news

RT @davidschneider: Osborne sheds a tear for the poor and vulnerable. Maybe #thatcherfuneral (via @reasonablyright @ollybarratt)

RT @PAPictureDesk: Big screen in Liverpool is turned off for the Baroness Thatcher funeral #thatcherfuneral

RT @paulchowdhry: Justin Bieber just paid his tributes at the #thatcherfuneral and said she would have been a Beleiber.

RT @SeanMurricane: It’s all kicking off in Millenium Square #Leeds #thatcherfuneral (via @IanWhiteNews)

RT @simonswatman David Cameron, straining during his reading. #thatcherfuneral

RT @timbird84: Margaret Thatcher’s funeral: 23 things you could pay for with £10m #thatcherfuneral

RT @Unnamedinsider: George Osborne’s moment of grief… #thatcherfuneral

RT @skymarkwhite: All very well behaved today at #ThatcherFuneral – Met police confirming no arrests. The small protest near St Paul’s has now dispersed

oh and this one:
RT @Jess_Holmes08: No matter what your political views are, a funeral is not a place to protest. #thatcherfuneral #britain