An inspiring, revolutionary, call to action.. was my plan for today’s blog for #internationalwomensday. However, I’ve been struck with the lurgy all week and just getting out of bed has been enough of a challenge.

So instead i’ll post a video from #PressforProgress:


My son said to me last week that a girl was picking on him and telling him “girls are better than boys”. My reply to him was “of course they are”. Which he got very upset about and pointed out to me that girls and boys are equal. In the early years of primary school they are and then…. Lets hope his generation go on believing and proving they are equal – at work, in sport, in relationships, in the UK and across the World.

A couple of blogs that have appealed to me today:

The sherpa:

And a big shout out to an amazing women – Teresa Hadfield @Tiptopinterest who stood in for me yesterday at Insight

And to my mum who always allowed me to be who i wanted to be and achieve anything i wanted to – and who has been getting the word out to Pirton to VOTE today 😉

Lastly i’ll leave you with Hurrah for Gin who usually get my mood spot on..



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